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Armadillo Riot Shields


Armadillo SH014 Small Commander Shield

Armadillo SH014 Small Commander Shield

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Commander Type Shield

Developed for the UK Prison Service for personal protection involving enclosed spaces and roof work. It is seen now by many forces as a replacement for the round shield.


For Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shield Small Shields contact our Government Solutions Team.  Tactical Gear DIstributors proudly supply teh Armadillo Riot Shields in Australia, the most widely used Riot Shields for Corrections and Public Order Management and Disturbance Control Situations.

Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shields are a simple yet very effective protective barrier against non-ballistic missile attack, large scale rioting and fire. Comprising of a large front blade, smaller backing panel and adaptable handle configurations, we have a shield for every application.

With both the user and rioter in mind, our shields are designed with many safety and protective features.

For the user, the unique and patented interlocking feature of the Armadillo Shield is one of the many reasons why they are popular the world over. Based on an Ancient Roman design, the Armadillo allows the user to remain protected by interlinking the shield’s bevelled edges with other shields to form a protective and ridged barrier from harm.

Safety of the rioter is also an important concern, therefore, all of our shields are fitted with rubber buffers, which mask all anteriorly placed bolt heads for improved public safety.

As well as bricks, wood and other blunt non-ballistic projectiles, Armadillos are especially resistant to fire and heat and will maintain their structural integrity up to 180°C. All our Armadillos are SATRA approved, manufactured to the British Standards Specification and the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Standard for extra peace of mind.

We offer the Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shield in a variety of stocked sizes and configurations.

In terms of durability, as only the best materials are used in the manufacture of the Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shield, a lifespan of around three to five years should be expected from normal operational use when stored in suggested conditions.

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