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Blueye Tactical


Blueye Tactical Jager Tactical Ballistic Compliant Eyewear Matte Black Frame

Blueye Tactical Jager Tactical Ballistic Compliant Eyewear Matte Black Frame

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lightweight & incredibly durable, rx prescription compatible

Superior protection against blast fragmentation and blunt force high impacts. High-performance tactical sunglasses designed for shooters and combat. Stylish and robust.

Features of Blueye Tactical Jager Tactical Ballistic Compliant Eyewear

High impact grilamid frame

Grilamid is a revolutionary exceptionally lightweight amorphous polyamide material which has high impact strength at both hot and cold temperatures (suitable for -40°C to 50°C+ climates). Superior heat resistance and dispersion. It is mechanically stable to high UV radiation exposure.

These frames are built to withstand much flexural stress and fatigue. Built to last under the most challenging of conditions. High stress-crack resistance, resistant to chemicals, low flammability and suitable for sterilization. These frames are suitable for even the most obscure and unexpected situations you may find yourself in. They’re also recyclable.

Interchangeable lens system - slide lock system

The Jager slide lock system is designed for the interchangeability of lenses in seconds. The slide lock system fixes the lens into the sunglass frame and requires no tools to operate. This allows the operator to utilise the functionality of this eye protection system in all light conditions and environments without compromise. Practical in the field or on the shooting range. Change lenses in seconds. Store lenses in the secure and protective container system provided, always on hand.

Shaterproof anti-fog 2.1mm Polycarbonate precision optics lenses

Jager’s 2.1mm polycarbonate precision lenses offer extremely high impact strength. They are are shatterproof. Our lenses are treated with premium hard coating for scratch resistance.

The high optical clarity of these lenses increases visual acuity and sharpness. Ensure you make your shot. Each lens is designed for maximum performance in various light condition and environments.

Anti-fog ensures they suit all climates. Intentional gap-placement promotes natural airflow ventilation.

Shatterproof, meeting leading ballistics standards. Army accepted. Able to withstand the punishment you throw at them.

100% UVA & UVB protection

UV 400 protection protects your eyes from 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.

Low profile temples for helmet and hearing protection compatibility

Low profile design allows the wearer unencumbered use of the glasses when using a helmet or hearing protection including shooter earmuffs.

Removeable Retainer strap

The adjustable elastic strap can be added or removed from the sunglasses at any time for comfort and safety. The elastic is hard-wearing, is anti-fungal and fire retardant. Thoughtfully designed, for even the most unexpected situations you may find yourself in. No tools required to add or remove the strap. Attach or detach in seconds.

Adjustable nose pad for comfort

Adjustable nose pad allows the wearer to manipulate the nose pad for individual facial fit. Archive greater comfort and stability of the sunglasses on your face with the superior fit facilitated.

Hard protective case

The tactical sunglass case is functional and hard-wearing. It features an attachable buckle clip so your frame and lenses can easily stay on-hand and secure at all times.  All of the multiple compartments feature soft cell foam for lens storage and protection. Thoughtfully spaced to make changing lenses even easier.


  • High impact lightweight and incredibly durable Grilamid frame
  • Simple tool-free interchangeable lens system
  • 3 shatterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fog 2.1mm precision optics lenses (Smoke, Clear and HD)
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection
  • Adjustable nose pad for comfort and superior individual facial fit
  • Low profile temples for helmet and hearing protection compatibility
  • Removable adjustable retainer strap
  • Hard protective case with soft-cell inner
  • Cleaning cloth
  • RX adaptor available for prescription lens compatibility
  • Certified Ballistic Compliant:
    • Certified ANSI Z87.1-2010 ballistic impact and optical requirements
    • EN166
    • AS/NZS 1337.1
    • Exceeds U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MIL-PRF-31013, clause
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