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MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES Butyl Gloves for CBRN Protection Set of 4

MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES Butyl Gloves for CBRN Protection Set of 4

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MIRA Safety new HAZ-GLOVES are heavy-duty butyl gloves designed for practical long-term use in a wide variety of hazardous situations. Thanks to their enhanced thickness, they provide more than 150 minutes of flexible and proven protection from toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs). Designed based on the protective gloves trusted in labs and on dangerous worksites around the world, these gloves can protect you from some of the most caustic and corrosive threats known to man.

Each set comes with four gloves total—two cotton glove liners to absorb moisture and make the system more comfortable to wear, along with two butyl gloves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Considering the developing situation in Europe, we are experiencing a drastic surge in orders and inquiries. HAZ-GLOVES are currently out of stock and under extended backorder. If you are not comfortable with waiting, please refrain from ordering anything on our website. Large size in stock only.

We will be receiving another brand of butyl gloves by the end of March to make up for limited production and notify our newsletter subscribers as soon as it's received. This new batch will not be available for backorder and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to newsletter subscribers. 

If you have a question about a product, please make sure to read through the Q&A’s on the product page before sending us an email.

We are working around the clock to get orders out the door as soon as possible, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this.

Features of MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES Butyl Gloves for CBRN Protection

  • Each set comes with four gloves total—two cotton glove liners to absorb moisture and make the system more comfortable to wear, along with two butyl gloves
  • 32-mil (.08 mm) butyl rubber construction—129% thicker than the US military standard—for maximum durability and protection
  • Proven to provide more than 150 minutes of protection from corrosive CBRN threats
  • Allow for the operation of tools or weapons while providing comprehensive protection from CBRN contaminants
  • Superior protection from chemical threats for up to a decade
  • Extended sleeve to fit under a MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT or other hazmat suit
  • Available in three sizes
  • Proven protection from CBRN contaminants (tested with direct exposure to mustard gas)
  • Reusable butyl gloves reduce cost and waste compared with disposables
  • Based on Serbian military design that was developed and enhanced for MIRA Safety
  • Backed by MIRA Safety’s 1-year warranty

Technical Specifications for Butyl Gloves

    MIRA Safety new HAZ-GLOVES butyl gloves are 129% thicker than military standard 14-mil gloves, providing unmatched resistance to a variety of extremely hazardous threats and resisting oxidation, ozone corrosion, and even abrasion—all while remaining flexible and usable, even at low temperatures.

    These butyl gloves go above and beyond the standards of the CBRN gloves used by the US armed forces, offering a similar level of CBRN protection, all in a robust package that’s meant for extended use. 

    The same kind of thick butyl gloves are trusted in labs and manufacturing facilities around the globe, from forensic labs to emergency response, heavy manufacturing, chemical mixing, and even medical research facilities.

    Whether completing precision tasks in a laboratory or manipulating your firearm under duress in a toxic environment, MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES are the best choice. In any environment, at any temperature, and under exposure to practically any CBRN threat, these butyl rubber gloves are engineered to perform and protect.

    Combined with a MIRA Safety gas mask and HAZ-SUIT, chemtape and boots, our HAZ-GLOVES complete your PPE kit for total body protection.

    Technical Data

    • SORS 6701/05 Test Results (Defense Standard of the Republic of Serbia)
    • Density of contamination: 17 ± 1 mg S-mustard / 10 cm2
    • Breakthrough density of contamination: 5 µg S-mustard / 1 cm2
    • Test tube dimension: Ø 40 mm
    • Test temperature: 36 ± 1°C. 
    • Standard protection time: >150 mins
    • 5X contamination / decontamination protection time: >100 mins
    • Shelf life: 10 years
    • Weight: <250g


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    Butyl Gloves Storage

    MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES (like all butyl rubber gloves) should be stored in their original packaging in a dark room at a temperature between 41°F and 77°F with a relative humidity of less than 75%. In these conditions, HAZ-GLOVES can be stored for 10 years or longer. These gloves are 100% butyl rubber and should be handled as such, so inspect for cracking especially in flexion spots after use.

    Questions & Answers

    Q: Are the gloves slim enough to be able to handle a firearm with?

    A:  The Serbian military actually uses these gloves to handle firearms, however, it is worth noting that these gloves are thick (32-mil butyl rubber construction) and you will not have the same level of dexterity as you would bare-handed. These gloves were designed with the maximum level of protection in mind.

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