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OLIGHT Olight Array 2 Pro High Performance 1500 Lumens Headlamp

OLIGHT Olight Array 2 Pro High Performance 1500 Lumens Headlamp

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OLIGHT Olight Array 2 Pro High Performance Headlamp

ARRAY 2 PRO is a high-performance headlamp, tailored for outdoor climbing, camping, fishing, night running, daily maintenance, emergency, and more. Built-in high efficiency LEDs with a serious output of 1500 lumens, it can vividly light up your immediate vicinity even in total darkness. Floodlight, combined floodlight and spotlight, red light for your different needs, of which the red light can output up to 200 lumens, and work as an outdoor warning, emergency signal, reading light, etc. If an accident were to occur, the SOS mode can act as a distress signal for rescue and get help. Never strain or crane your neck again, thanks to the lamp head can be rotated 60° and tightly fixed to avoid shaking and sliding even at the fastest movements.

The dual control system makes light control even much easier. Click, long press, double-click, or triple-click the switch on headlamp top, or wave your hand via the sensor area in headlamp front to switch light modes and brightness. The seamless one-piece aluminum housing offers a durable, stylish exterior, IPX4 waterproof rating, and consistent, efficient heat dissipation when the light is running on high output. The 3350mAh battery pack with a TYPE-C charging port ensures 27.5 hours of runtime. Plus, the adjustable headband is sweatproof and removable for cleaning, and perfectly fits most head sizes.

1500 lumens max output, smart motion sensor, 3 light sources, ergonomic 60° tilt, 27.5 hours of continuous runtime, IPX4 waterproof, and TYPE-C rechargeable, make ARRAY 2 PRO a small yet powerful partner for your every adventure.

Features of  OLIGHT Olight Array 2 Pro

  • High performance LEDs with a maximum output of 1500 lumens.
  • One-piece seamless aluminum housing offers a durable, stylish exterior with excellent heat dissipation.
  • 3 light sources: floodlight, combined floodlight and spotlight, and red light for multi-scene applications.
  • Smart motion sensor function, control the light more flexibly by waving your hand.
  • Adjustable elastic headlamp strap, comfortably fits adults and children alike.
  • Large switch button on headlamp top, easy to change light modes and brightness you like.
  • 60° tiltable design for oriented lighting and clear visibility whenever and wherever you need.
  • SOS mode guarantees your safety during outdoor adventures.
  • Lock function to avoid misoperation during storage or transportation.
  • Red warning light on battery pack keeps you always seen and safe.
  • 3350mAh battery pack with a TYPE-C charging port for longer runtime.
  • IPX4 waterproof rating, withstand heavy rain and other severe weather.


          GENERAL DATA

          • Max Output: 1500 lumens
          • Max Runtime: 27.5 hours
          • Max Intensity: 6,700 cd
          • Max Throw: 150 meters
          • Powered by: 3.6 V 3350 mAh battery


          FlOOD LIGHT

          • LOW: 50 lumens, 27.5 hours
          • MEDIUM: 450 lumens, 5.5 hours
          • HIGH: 800 lumens, 4 hours

          FLOOD + SPOT LIGHT

          • LOW: 300 lumens, 7.5 hours
          • MEDIUM: 750 lumens, 4 hours and 20minutes
          • HIGH: 1500 lumens, 3 hours and 10 minutes

          RED LIGHT

          • LOW: 45 lumens, 18 hours
          • MEDIUM: 100 lumens, 6 hours
          • HIGH: 200 lumens, 4.5 hours


          • 1500 lumens, 4 hours and 20 minutes


            • Dimensions: Length: 2.40 in / 61 mm Width: 1.22 in / 31 mm Height: 0.96 in / 24.5 mm
            • Weight: Weight: 4.76oz / 135g
            • Drop Test: 1 meter
            • Light Source: High performance cool white LED High performance red LED
            • Waterproof: IPX4
            • Body Material: Seamless one-piece aluminum
            • Warranty: Lamp head for 2 years

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