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Tasmanian Tiger

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Tasmanian Tiger Base Carrier Olive

Tasmanian Tiger Base Carrier Olive

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Load carrier for heavy loads

The TT Base Carrier is the heart of the TT Base Carrier System and with its exceptional carrying comfort and the modular satellites TT Base Carrier Pack, TT Base Carrier Flap , TT Front-Side Pouch 16 Set and TT Modular Quiver Set a load carrier platform for unforgettable tours.

Modular System

The modularity of the system makes it such an exceptionally functional option on bushcraft trips and difficult hiking challenges. This is because, for maximum flexibility, the carrier platform is fully equipped with M.O.L.L.E system and has side loops for various attachments. Additional elements such as the TT Base Carrier Flap or the TT Front-Side Pouch Set are thus easy and quick to add. Even if the option of a backpack is needed, the load carrier can be easily combined with the TT Base Carrier Pack and thus converted into a full-fledged backpack with 65 liters of volume.

X1-Plus Carrying System

The be-all and end-all of the Base Carrier is, of course, its core component, the carrying system. Thegcarrier itself measures 65 x 35 x 5 cm and weighs only 2.5 kilos on its own. When fully loaded, however, the soft cargo box can be packed with the heaviest of loads, which makes the carrying system so crucial.

Tasmanian Tiger has used the extremely powerful X1 Plus carrying system, which safely distributes even the heaviest loads: Ergonomically shaped aluminum bars transfer some of the weight to the padded hip belt, which consists of two padded fins and can be adjusted for width. The back padding is concave in shape and chambered for better ventilation so it fits the back perfectly. Also ergonomically padded shoulder straps round out the carrying comfort.

The TT Base Carrier improves the options of extended trips off-the-grid once again by adding crucial gear. It is surrounded by a flexible system, which is fun to work with. For those reasons, the TT Base Carrier System is, for us, one of the most exciting Tasmanian Tiger novelties in 2022.

Features of Tasmanian Tiger Base Carrier

  • X1 Plus carrying system
  • Load control straps
  • Height adjustable chest belt
  • Removable, padded hip belt
  • Side compression straps
  • Load carrier platform with high carrying comfort and for heavy loads
  • Internal reinforced frame system
  • Loop system for various fastening systems
  • Compatible with TT Base Carrier Pack 65, TT Base Carrier Flap, TT Front-Side Pouch 16 Set, TT Modular Quiver Set
  • M.O.L.L.E system on all the important attachment areas
  • 65 x 35 x 5 cm
  • Cordura 700 den
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