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VMI Security


VMI Security Spectrum Body Scan DV X-ray Scanner

VMI Security Spectrum Body Scan DV X-ray Scanner

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SPECTRUM BODYSCAN DV is able to provide a very high level of security in compliance with the requirements for prisons, airports, border areas and government facilities. Designed with the latest technology, the low dose of X-rays combined with the reduced time of just 7 seconds of the inspection system, provides excellent detection for dangerous situations and illegal objects such as liquids, explosives, drugs, metallic wires and plastics.

High Level of Control and Security

Spectrum Bodyscan DV is capable of providing high level control and security in prisons, airports, border posts and government facilities. It allows a full body inspection, including the soles of the shoes, with a registration system and automatic control of the accumulated dose for each inspected individual.

Safe and Responsive Inspection

Innovative technology with low X-rays dose, suitable for constant inspection without harming the inspected body. Fast inspection with a high capacity to detect threats such as liquids, explosives, drugs and metallic and plastic wires.

Features of VMI Security Spectrum Body Scan DV

  • Alert the operator in a situation that exceeds the number of acceptable scans according to the dose limit allowed
  • Secure login with password to operate the equipment
  • Marking and classifying inspected suspects
  • Automatic control of the accumulated dose for each individual inspected
  • High image acquisition resolution from the sole of the shoe to thehead
  • Reports
  • Separate database, containing positive threats, automatic accumulated dose records for each individual inspected
  • Logins for different profiles, with access contro,according to each profile
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Operator’s and inspected registration system
  • Video system integration monitoring through standard ONVIF

    Image Processing Features

    • Zoom / Pan
    • Contrast
    • Gamma correction
    • Edge highlight
    • Smoothing
    • Pseudo colorization
    • Black / White inversion
    • Image comparison
    • Printing images
    • Enables scanning of the entire body including the sole of the shoe
    • Possibility to add annotations
    • JPG, TIFF, BMP and VMI image export

                Click here to Download VMI Security Spectrum Body Scan DV Specsheet

                About VMI Security

                VMI Security is one of the world leaders in manufacturing and developing X-ray inspection technologies. With non-intrusive inspection solutions that aim to strengthen control and security systems, VMI stands out for developing high quality equipment and for its continuous support services.

                VMI Security is a company that works with X-ray technology for non-intrusive inspection. We develop innovative technology, manufacture high quality equipment and offer continuous support service for preventive maintenance. Our company provides end-to-end solutions: from the development of control and security systems to customer service and after sales.

                Part of the Prime Holding Group, we have already accumulated over 30 years of experience in the non-intrusive inspection sector, which makes VMI the only company in Latin America with this expertise. We also export to several countries in the world and have employees on five continents.

                VMI Security solutions meet the requirements of the most complex control and security systems. Ideal for airports, ports, highways, large events and public and private organizations, our equipment automatically detects threats and allows you to see through objects, people, vehicles and cargo.

                VMI Company Website | VMI Security YouTube Channel

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